Core Values

Core Values

Honesty and Transparency

As part of our company culture and values, we aim to establish sincere and lasting relationships, by always displaying an open and transparent approach towards all our customers and business partners.



As KMC Component, we strive to continuously improve the quality of service providing to clients. By closely following the innovations in electronics industry, we are able to present the most up-to-date and efficient solutions to our customers at earliest time possible. 


Consistency and Reliability

The continuous growth in electronics industry and corresponding competitive market conditions, as well as the increase in resource diversity may result in some challenges. 

As KMC Component, we act with a sense of responsibility towards our business stakeholders by fulfilling our commitments with a high degree of care, and consistency to mitigate those challenges.

Team Spirit and Solidarity

The concept of “us”, not “me”, forms the basis of KMC Component company culture. A high degree of sensitivity to human values, coupled with solidarity, and team spirit enables us to overcome potential challenges, and contribute toward a successful business outcome.


Responsibility and Accountability

By fully acknowledging the importance of human factors and the significance of bilateral relations within industry that we operate in, KMC Component empowers all their staff pro-actively and freely to point out potential issues that might otherwise undermine the company’s deliverables to its business partners in a timely manner.